Our System

The Naturalocks™ Hair Care System is straightforward: we are nourishing your scalp and follicles and encouraging hair growth with our proprietary blend of natural and healthy ingredients.

For best result, we encourage our customers to follow our complete regimen of hair care.

First, use our Naturalocks™ Pre-Treatment Oil.
This helps to keep the natural oils in your hair.

Second, use our Naturalocks™ Organic Sulfate-free Shampoo.
This cleanses and conditions without the harsh chemicals which damage and dry your hair.

Third, use our Naturalocks™ Organic Moisturizing Conditioner.
This keeps the hair moist and helps it to become stronger.

Fourth, use our Naturalocks™ Organic Deep-Conditioning Leave-In.
This helps to strengthen, mend and protect damaged hair day-in and day-out.

Fifth, use our Naturalocks™ Organic Moisturizing Hair Creme.
This helps to reinforce moisture content in the hair and helps to prevent future breakage.

Last, use our flagship product, our Naturalocks™ Revitalizing Moisturizer, with its nourishing natural and healthy ingredients that enable your follicles to be healthy and do what they do best – Grow Hair.

For a great follow-up, use our Naturalocks™ Organic Anti-Breakage Treatment Mask. This is used as a special treatment when hair is especially damaged or abused and needs extra attention.


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