Organic Hair Care Products

Naturalocks™ Revitalizing Hair Care

“A Solution Rather Than a Temporary Fix”

All products are formulated with 95% organic and natural ingredients.  All products are a proprietary blend of essential oils, natural ingredients and vitamins including Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E.  We strive to offer a unique line of quality products with measurable benefits.  We offer solutions to nourish, moisturize, strengthen and promote optimal growth to restore natural healthy hair.


Naturalocks™ Pre-treatment oil – a superior blend of nourishing oils, including Jojoba oil to deeply lock in moisture and restore shine.

Naturalocks™ Organic Sulfate-free Shampoo – ideal for an everyday cleanser, gentle enough for all hair types.  Gently removes oil and build up from dry fragile hair while nourishing each strand for softness and strength against damage.  Gently scented with peppermint.

Naturalocks™ Organic Moisturizing Conditioner – is ideal for dry and brittle, broken hair that has been weakened from coloring, relaxing, or heat styling.  The conditioning ingredients form a protective layer over the cortex where the cuticle cells have broken away, which creates a protective layer of coating over these rough edges.  The protective coating created with conditioner also seals in moisture and reduces static electricity.

Naturalocks™ Organic Deep Conditioning Leave-in –  reparative leave-in conditioner delivers deep penetrating protein-rich ingredients that strengthen, mend, and protect damaged hair.  This intensive strengthener fortifies weakened hair and provides prolonged benefits with constant use.

Naturalocks™ Organic Anti-Breakage Treatment Mask  –  a deep penetrating infusion of regenerating proteins that renew hair strength, elasticity, vibrancy and shine, leaving it healthy and conditioned.

Naturalocks™ Organic Moisturizing crème – a light daily leave-in moisturizer that restores and reinforces hair preventing future breakage, leaving hair stronger and more manageable.

Naturalocks™ Revitalizing Moisturizer – a moisturizing pomade formulated with essentials oils, natural ingredients and vitamins, including Shea butter, Jojoba oil and vitamin E.   These ingredients will absorb into the hair shafts and rejuvenate dormant hair follicles; returning the scalp back to its natural state for optimal hair growth.






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