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I was experiencing Female Pattern Baldness. I was told by dermatologists that my follicles were dead and NEVER produce hair again. I tried the Naturalocks pomade and within a couple of weeks I started to see progress. It took six months, but it worked! I Have Hair Again!

I get my hair shampooed and conditioned at the beauty school near my house. And I went in the other day, and the guy said, “Wait a minute! What is going On?!” He saw that my Hair Was Growing. And now he wants to use it. He said, “I need some for my Head!”

This product works. My family uses the shampoo, conditioner and hair grease. We began using this product when my 6 year old daughter pictured above started losing her hair around the edges and the products regrew her hair. We tried everything to grow it back and ultimately resulted to covering it, until we were asked to try this product. We have been believers ever since. The Hair Dress is my absolute favorite.

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  1. Alva Wesley-Thomas May 26, 2014 at 4:03 pm Permalink

    Amazing product! At age 64, I had given up on my hair growing back in areas that had been damaged from surgeries necessary because of a major auto accident. After only 3 weeks of using Naturalocks promade, I can see hair growth in those areas. My sister gave me the shampoo, conditioner, hair cream and other products for Mother’s Day. I would highly recommend all the products but I especially like the conditioners. I do hope this review will help others, who, like me, are skeptical of reviews since some are posted for the sole purpose of sales. This is not one of them. May God continue to bless the maker of these products.

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